Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Story


By Big Daddy Cash

My little family was happy and I thought it was complete with Lady, Charley, Sweetheart and me. We all live together in a two bedroom apartment where each of us has our own space. I have an office where I keep all my electronic toys. Lady has her own closet where she can hide during lightning and thunder storms. Charlie’s space is under my desk where he can get all tangled up in the wires and lay on top of my feet and Sweetheart has her own lounge chair and sofa. Now who could ask for anything more?

Recently I bought a king size bed and Lady, Charley and Sweetheart claimed it as theirs before I could even sit on it. Now in order for me to get any sleep I’ve had to learn how to twist and squirm in between them. I feel like a snake slithering into a comfortable place. When I wake up in the morning my kids have all moved around. Charley is under the covers in-between my legs, Lady is stretched out the whole length of the bed laying with her back next to mine and Sweetheart has become my pillow. That’s okay though because I like the feel of their nice warm bodies pushing up against me. I just love our sleeping arrangement, no one has it as good as us four. I love my little guys and they love me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in our family.

Everything was just how it should be and then one day something unpredictable happened. Maybe our maker has already mapped out our destiny and when he thinks things are running to smoothly he gives them a twist. Who knows?

It was winter and the weather was terrible, snowing and blowing almost all week. My tenants were complaining about the drifted snow on the sidewalks and in the driveway. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep them clear the wind kept blowing and drifting the snow quicker than I could shovel. In some places the snow was piled as high as four or five feet and it just kept drifting from one place to another. I tried but I was fighting losing battle. I started shoveling at one end of my property and by the time I got to the other end I had to start all over again.

One evening my dogs and I were out side trying to free the gate to the back yard when Charley started barking at something outside the gate. A large animal that looked like a bear was pacing up and down on the other side of the gate. A closer look and I could see that it was a Golden Retriever the biggest retriever I’d ever laid eyes on. I tried to shoo him away but he wouldn’t go he went over and plopped down under the over hang by my tool shed. Which was probably the only dry place in the neighborhood.

By the looks of him I knew he must have a home and he just wanted to get out of the snow for awhile but I wasn’t about to let him in the yard. However he looked hungry so I gave him a large bowl of dry food and a pan of water. He lapped the food up and wolf down the water like he hadn’t had anything for days. He then laid down closed his eyes and went to sleep. I could see he wasn’t ready to leave not yet anyway.

It was about seven o’clock in the evening and I was expecting my brother and his wife for a surprise birthday party in less then one hour. Some of the guests had already arrived and I still had a lot to do to get ready for the party. I’d done what I could for the retriever so I went in the house and forgot all about the dog who was now sound asleep under the cover of my tool shed.

That night we had the worst storm of the winter lightning and thunder combined with snow and high winds. The winds were so violent that they blew the roof off my work shop and broke out the windows in one of my apartments. My brother and all the guests had to stay all night because the roads were so bad that no one wanted to risk getting stuck and not be able to make it safely home. I had bedrolls and blankets wall to wall in every room in the house. Lady, Charley and Sweetheart were scared of the thunder and lightning so they either hid or stuck right by me all through the night. If any thing could go wrong… it did!

I can’t believe the weather in this crazy state I’ve seen it when it has rained, snowed, sleeted and been sun shiny and beautiful all in the same day. Anyway the next morning the sun was shining and the snow was melting by nine o’clock everybody had gone to there homes. Since everything was normal accept for the mess the storm had left to clean up I decided to fix a large breakfast for me and my family. After wards I’d do what I could to take care of the havoc the storm had created.

When we finished our breakfast I grabbed my snow shovel and went outside to clear the driveway, damn I thought, this is going to take all day. There were piles and piles of snow all over and a specially large pile along side my truck but then there were large piles of snow all over so I didn’t give it a second thought. The snow had been drifting all through the night leaving large drifts, some six foot high..

I finished cleaning my driveway then went over to clean my truck and low and behold that big pile of snow started to move. Oh my God I thought; that must be the big dog from last night, God I forgot all about him.

It was the Golden Retriever he look just like a polar bear coming out of hibernation. I felt so sorry that I had forgotten all about him. He looked so scared and frightened it broke my heart that I had left him out in that lousy weather to fend for his self.

I shook the snow off him then opened the gate and he ran right to my door so I took him inside where it was warm and cozy and dried him in front of the open oven. He was so happy and contented that he purred like a kitten, believe it or not.

All the next week I searched for his owners without any luck. Guess what? This polar bear Golden Retriever had found a new family. I named him Bear because he looked like a big bear when we first seen him and he looked like a polar bear covered in snow. Anyway his name may have been Bear because when I’d call him he’d come running. He adopted us and now we’re a big happy family. Now it’s Lady, Charley, Sweetheart, Bear and me. Now was a year and a half ago.

Bear was a gift from God and a real blessing in disguise. If you have love in your heart to share, the gifts that you give will let the whole world know that you care and if you have love in your home I can promise you that you’ll never be alone. Yes I love one liners and yes , that was mine

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