Friday, July 2, 2010


This Thought Box is a far cry from most of my Thought Boxes. It's more or less a get to know me, my way of thinking and my love for animals, put into words place. . When I started writing animal stories it was like putting my love on paper for the whole world to see. I've always loved animals and for some special reason animals have always loved me. My home is a favorite habitat for all animals, a refuge where animals can find love and understanding. Let me introduce myself so that you’ll know the one behind this truly amazing change of pace. I’m known as Big Daddy Cash the man with a story to tell. I live in the land of Zion, Salt Lake City, Utah right dab in the middle of the Rockies. I’m retired , I love to read and write and I thrive on the company of four legged people. You might say if you got four legs you’re my kind of people. Most people don’t consider animals people Well I don’t consider most two legged people animals, and that’s a fact!

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