Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Story


By Big Daddy Cash

My little family was happy and I thought it was complete with Lady, Charley, Sweetheart and me. We all live together in a two bedroom apartment where each of us has our own space. I have an office where I keep all my electronic toys. Lady has her own closet where she can hide during lightning and thunder storms. Charlie’s space is under my desk where he can get all tangled up in the wires and lay on top of my feet and Sweetheart has her own lounge chair and sofa. Now who could ask for anything more?

Recently I bought a king size bed and Lady, Charley and Sweetheart claimed it as theirs before I could even sit on it. Now in order for me to get any sleep I’ve had to learn how to twist and squirm in between them. I feel like a snake slithering into a comfortable place. When I wake up in the morning my kids have all moved around. Charley is under the covers in-between my legs, Lady is stretched out the whole length of the bed laying with her back next to mine and Sweetheart has become my pillow. That’s okay though because I like the feel of their nice warm bodies pushing up against me. I just love our sleeping arrangement, no one has it as good as us four. I love my little guys and they love me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in our family.

Everything was just how it should be and then one day something unpredictable happened. Maybe our maker has already mapped out our destiny and when he thinks things are running to smoothly he gives them a twist. Who knows?

It was winter and the weather was terrible, snowing and blowing almost all week. My tenants were complaining about the drifted snow on the sidewalks and in the driveway. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep them clear the wind kept blowing and drifting the snow quicker than I could shovel. In some places the snow was piled as high as four or five feet and it just kept drifting from one place to another. I tried but I was fighting losing battle. I started shoveling at one end of my property and by the time I got to the other end I had to start all over again.

One evening my dogs and I were out side trying to free the gate to the back yard when Charley started barking at something outside the gate. A large animal that looked like a bear was pacing up and down on the other side of the gate. A closer look and I could see that it was a Golden Retriever the biggest retriever I’d ever laid eyes on. I tried to shoo him away but he wouldn’t go he went over and plopped down under the over hang by my tool shed. Which was probably the only dry place in the neighborhood.

By the looks of him I knew he must have a home and he just wanted to get out of the snow for awhile but I wasn’t about to let him in the yard. However he looked hungry so I gave him a large bowl of dry food and a pan of water. He lapped the food up and wolf down the water like he hadn’t had anything for days. He then laid down closed his eyes and went to sleep. I could see he wasn’t ready to leave not yet anyway.

It was about seven o’clock in the evening and I was expecting my brother and his wife for a surprise birthday party in less then one hour. Some of the guests had already arrived and I still had a lot to do to get ready for the party. I’d done what I could for the retriever so I went in the house and forgot all about the dog who was now sound asleep under the cover of my tool shed.

That night we had the worst storm of the winter lightning and thunder combined with snow and high winds. The winds were so violent that they blew the roof off my work shop and broke out the windows in one of my apartments. My brother and all the guests had to stay all night because the roads were so bad that no one wanted to risk getting stuck and not be able to make it safely home. I had bedrolls and blankets wall to wall in every room in the house. Lady, Charley and Sweetheart were scared of the thunder and lightning so they either hid or stuck right by me all through the night. If any thing could go wrong… it did!

I can’t believe the weather in this crazy state I’ve seen it when it has rained, snowed, sleeted and been sun shiny and beautiful all in the same day. Anyway the next morning the sun was shining and the snow was melting by nine o’clock everybody had gone to there homes. Since everything was normal accept for the mess the storm had left to clean up I decided to fix a large breakfast for me and my family. After wards I’d do what I could to take care of the havoc the storm had created.

When we finished our breakfast I grabbed my snow shovel and went outside to clear the driveway, damn I thought, this is going to take all day. There were piles and piles of snow all over and a specially large pile along side my truck but then there were large piles of snow all over so I didn’t give it a second thought. The snow had been drifting all through the night leaving large drifts, some six foot high..

I finished cleaning my driveway then went over to clean my truck and low and behold that big pile of snow started to move. Oh my God I thought; that must be the big dog from last night, God I forgot all about him.

It was the Golden Retriever he look just like a polar bear coming out of hibernation. I felt so sorry that I had forgotten all about him. He looked so scared and frightened it broke my heart that I had left him out in that lousy weather to fend for his self.

I shook the snow off him then opened the gate and he ran right to my door so I took him inside where it was warm and cozy and dried him in front of the open oven. He was so happy and contented that he purred like a kitten, believe it or not.

All the next week I searched for his owners without any luck. Guess what? This polar bear Golden Retriever had found a new family. I named him Bear because he looked like a big bear when we first seen him and he looked like a polar bear covered in snow. Anyway his name may have been Bear because when I’d call him he’d come running. He adopted us and now we’re a big happy family. Now it’s Lady, Charley, Sweetheart, Bear and me. Now was a year and a half ago.

Bear was a gift from God and a real blessing in disguise. If you have love in your heart to share, the gifts that you give will let the whole world know that you care and if you have love in your home I can promise you that you’ll never be alone. Yes I love one liners and yes , that was mine


This is a true story


By Big Daddy Cash


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The is a powerful and muscular dog, very strong for his size with a broad head and very strong jaws. They are very devoted to a point of giving its own life for its master. Usually adored and adoring within its own family circle. Originally used as a pit-fighting dog, it is usually good with other pets in the household, but may be very combative with dogs outside the family, especially dogs of his breed or related breeds. The Staffordshire needs firm and consistent training to curb its instinct to fight with other dogs. They are persistent and active. As a puppy they tend to chew a great deal. Staffords love children. These dogs are not recommended for most families because they need firm, experienced handling and training. They can be difficult to housebreak. Some can be trained for agility and competitive obedience.


I‘m going to tell you a story of a four legged member of my family. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier a breed originally raised as a pit-fighter. She’s small but powerful and muscular with a broad head and very strong jaws. She is one of the most beautiful pit bulls I have ever seen. Her big brown eyes one ear up and one ear down and painted on smile is enough to capture anyone’s heart.

Sweetheart is her name and I named her that because she truly is a sweetheart. When I was writing about Lady and Charley (Two of my other dogs) she climbed up on the upper most part of her lounger with one ear perked up and the other hanging lazy over her cheek. She kept her big brown eyes on me the whole time I was writing. I think that somehow she knew I wasn’t writing about her. It was like she was jealous in wonderment. I had to keep assuring her that her turn was coming.

Just looking at her with those big brown eyes, one ear up and one ear down and big loving smile you can’t help but know that she’s a sweetheart.

She is extremely courageous, obedient, intelligent, affectionate, and has a delightful sense of humor. Her colored is pure gold with a white mask on her face that goes from her snout to her forehead. She’s got what looks like a lazy ear, her tail is shaped like an L and she walks with a slight limp. This is what I’m about to explain…

Sweetheart wasn’t much more then a puppy when she joined my family. She came from the home of a man who raised Staffordshire Bull Terriers to be ferocious fighters. From what I can surmise he started training his dogs to fight from the day they were born.

Let me explain how this whole situation came about and how the Bull Terrier became my little sweetheart. A few years ago I rented one of my apartments to a young couple who raised Pit Bulls. The young man was Steve his wife’s name was Nicole and they had a five year old daughter named Brittney. I’m mentioning this because it will make it easier to tell Sweethearts story.

When I rented the apartment to Steve and his family I lived in the basement of my apartment complex with two of my four legged critters. Since I love animals my rent sign read, ‘FOR RENT Animals OK.’ Most rentals don’t allow animals so my apartments are never vacant for more then a day and since I do things my way I usually judge the animals and not the renters, how ever this time was the exception. I didn’t see their animals before accepting them as tenants. It was their little girl Brittney and her polite well mannered behavior that made my decision. I figured if they had such a sweet daughter their animals must be well natured. By that I mean good!

The next thing that happened should have been a warning to me but because of my trusting nature it wasn’t. Steve started building a large dog run along one side of my building, wire meshed fencing topped with barb wire. My whole yard is surrounded with a grape stake fence seven feet tall so I questioned Steve about his dog run and he said he didn’t want his dogs mingling with the other dogs.

Sweethearts life began with this family and now I am going to reveal the shocking truth.

Sweethearts original name was “ Fighting Bitch”. What I didn’t know when I rented to Steve was that he raised Pit Bulls to be fighters. The meaner he could make them the better fighters they’d become. It turned out that Steve was a drug addict a thief and a liar, but that’s another story.

The “Fighting Bitch” as Sweetheart was called was beaten, starved and chained. The beatings were often and brutal and starving her would make her fight for her food. They called her the Bitch and her life was really a BITCH.

Once in a while when Steve was away Brittney would let the Pit Bulls out of the dog run to play with her and romp in the yard. There were three Pits two were real ugly and mean and wouldn’t leave my dogs alone so when their dogs were out I’d lock my dogs in.

Some times Brittney would come down to my apartment to play on one of my computers. For a five year old she amazed me with her computer savvy. Actually she was better on the computer then I. She taught me how to copy and patch and how to navigate using the keyboard. She used to call me Grand Pappy Cash, she was such a delight and always good company. But she was a sad little girl who had learned how to hide her sadness.

One day she came down to my house in tears and I asked her what was the problem. She replied; “That Bitch just has to fight or else…” I scolded her for swearing and she said; “Daddy Grand Daddy, I’m not swearing my dogs name is Bitch, Fighting Bitch.”

Sweetheart had one professional fight and lost to a larger and meaner Pit Bull. Her ear was almost torn from her head, her tail was broken in the middle and her left hind leg had multiple fractures. Had I known what was going on right under my nose I surely would have stopped it, called the humane society and had Steve arrested for animal abuse.

I knew nothing!!

At least not until a domestic problem surfaced. It appears that Steve had a lot of money bet on the “Fighting Bitches” fight, when she lost Steve celebrated by getting obnoxiously drunk, came home and severely beat is wife and daughter. His neighbor called the police and he was arrested for child abuse. I didn’t see Steve again and Nicole took her daughter Brittney, left in the middle of the night and hasn’t been heard or seen since.

When I went in to clean up the apartment a week later I found Sweetheart chained in a closet more dead then alive. She has been a gift and a pleasure given to us through the mercy of God and a prize member of my family ever since.

She is sitting here beside me looking me right in the eye she’s pleased that I finally told her story. For a dog that was trained to be mean she’s got to be the sweetest most loving creature in all of humanity.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It was late; I was damn tired and smelled worse than a dead cow. Haywagon my trusty four legged companion was breathing heavy and about ready to drop. All of a sudden a voice came out of thin air,

“Mr. you better be wearing and you better be quicker than grease lightning.”

Wait a minute!

I’m not ready to tell this story, this comes later. I’ve been waiting all day to tell you about Seabiscuit. I saw the movie. "WOW"!I've been reminiscing again. Memories are priceless.

As a horse lover and child during the depression of the thirties I can recall many stories about Seabiscuit who set the American epic of triumph and perseverance during the Great Depression.

I know my family suffered dearly during this depression. I can remember stories how my grandfather Soren Neve lost millions over night when the stock market crashed.

People were devastated by their losses and mass suicides occurred through out the land. Hitler was killing Jews by the millions and the whole world was in dismay.

Though the world was full of heartbreak and tragedy prevailed, a truly amazing story about a funny looking horse called Seabiscuit emerged.

Exhausted by the everyday struggle of making a living, people were looking for a diversion, and many found it at the racetrack. Seabiscuit was making his debut. He was the most unlikely candidate for a champion on the whole racing scene. He had the appearance of a hay burner, bow legged, crooked knees, and way to short.

Everything seem to be against this four legged critter including his trainer a mustang breaker, and his owner a bicycle repairman, last but not least his jockey was a broken-down prizefighter.

Against all odds this lovely little horse was winning not only races but the hearts of the racing fans the world over. In 1938, a year of world wide turmoil and mass denial, the number one news maker wasn't Franklin Roosevelt or Adolf Hitler. It wasn't even Clark Gable or the Duke… It was an undersized, crooked-legged racehorse. Owned by a bicycle-repairman, trained by a virtually mute, rough-shod, mustang breaker, and ridden by a half-blind has been prizefighter.

The racehorse was Seabiscuit. The American public's fascination with Seabiscuit was mostly fired by an ongoing and misplaced belief that the racehorse was far less capable than he proved to be.

Seabiscuit was regarded as some what of an underdog even long after the smart bets should have been placed on him. Consequently, this "underdog" kept posting impressive victories, which worked to heighten the impression of horse racing fans that they were witnessing nothing short of a four-legged miracle.

Well, by now you’re asking yourselves why Big Daddy Cash is writing an article about all of this. Plain as can be there’s a new movie coming out called Seabiscuit and from the previews I’ve seen it’s going to be the best of 2003.

I seen the first movie about this wonderful horse starring Shirley Temple and I've never forgotten it even though it was mostly fantasy. (Most of you readers are too young to remember Shirley Temple, she was my favorite child actor her and a young lad named Jimmy Boyd.)

Before I end what I have begun here's just a little more trivia on this four legged miracle; In 1938, a match race against War Admiral son of that great champion Man Of War, was sought and arranged. (A match race is a far better test of the abilities of any two horses, because interference of other contestants plays no part in the result.) As to how little the racing world thought of five-and-a-half-year-old Seabiscuit's chances against four-year-old War Admiral, reportedly not a single sportswriter in America voiced the opinion that the little horse from the west would win, and only one of them even dared to opine that Seabiscuit could at least make a close a race of it.

Yet win Seabiscuit did, by four lengths. Seabiscuit died in 1947. His lifetime earnings were $437,730 across a career in which he won 33 races and set 13 track records at eight different tracks over six different distances. Go see this movie this is one you don't want to miss. Who says? Big Daddy Cash cause Big Daddy Knows

Friday, June 25, 2010


Before I tell you this true story I’d like to paint you a picture that will set the foundation of what took place in my home on Sept. 11, 2008. Oddly enough it was the seventh anniversary of the attack by Islamic extremists on the World Trade Center in New York City. Around mid night on the tenth I had finished an article paying tribute to the victims of this tragedy, that’s why the date is so vivid in my mind. It was three o’clock the morning of the eleventh when the story I’m about to tell you took place

Now for the picture I want you to see and acknowledge. There are five dogs that live with me in a small two bedroom apartment where normally we are happy and content. However in the past six months two of my dogs have fallen prey to extreme health disabilities. The oldest, Bear, has lost the use of his extremities and the smallest, Charley, has gone blind do to a diabetic disorder. The other three dogs are fine but it’s hard for them to understand why I have to spend so much time taking care of the two dogs that need special treatment to survive.

Bear is a fourteen year old two hundred pound Golden Retriever that exists only for constant love and attention.

Charley needs some help but he is becoming accustomed to his blindness and gets around quite well.

Now that I’ve laid the foundation it’s time to get on with my story.

On the morning of September the tenth Bear had bad diarrhea and discharged watery feces all over him and our living room. Pardon the expression but you’ll have to use your imagination to see how much shit hit the fan in our little living room. Visualize this; a two hundred pound water pump gone wild.

Between trips to the bathroom to throw up it took me three hours to clean up the room and I hadn’t even started on Bear. I had to employ the help of a tenant to help me carry Bear outside where I could shampoo him and hose him down. I dried him off the best that I could with the towels I had. Then I decided to leave him out in the sun to dry completely. It was close to ninety degrees so I wasn’t worried about him catching cold, besides he was enjoying all the attention.

Seeing that I used all of the towels I had to clean up the mess and dry Bear I had two large loads to wash while Bear finished drying in the sun. When Bear was dry my tenant helped me carry him in and we put him on his eight by ten rubber mat with a couple wool blankets to make him comfy and cozy. He went right to sleep and slept the rest of the day, comfortable and as clean as clean can be.

Normally I spend most of the night writing poems and short stories but I was exhausted so I went to bed early around ten o’clock. The rest of my four legged family all sleep with me accept for Charley, he cuddles up with Bear. I fell into a deep sleep that would have taken no less than a thunderstorm or a locomotive roaring through the house to waken me.

Well, it all happened at three o’clock in the morning, all the dogs were barking Bear was whimpering and crying and my first thought was somebody had broken into our home. I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room and quickly turned the lights on. Oh my God, what I saw was horrific, unbelievable and frightening. Never in all my mind’s eye could I imagine something so gruesome, sickening, shocking and horrendous. It was like I was witnessing a science fiction movie with little creatures invading the earth, it was all way beyond the figment of my imagination.

There the intruders were, completely covering Charley and Bear and the floor all around them. Millions of little white worms were feasting on the bodies of Charley and Bear. Oh my God, this was a night mare, it couldn’t be happening. Holy Mother of God it was! Oh God help me what am I going to do, I heard myself muttering over and over again.

There was no time to wonder where they had come from I had to get rid of them fast before they devoured my family. They had declared war and had won the first battle but I’ll be damned if I was going to let them win the war. I threw myself right into the middle of the swarming little monsters and started brushing them away from Charley and Bear. For every one I brushed away ten to twenty more would take their place. The little bastards were winning; somehow I had to find the way to turn the tables. I ran into the pantry, opened the chemical closet and grabbed a can of ant and roach killer. I knew darn well it was toxic and could poison my animals but I had no choice they were being eaten alive. This battle started shortly after three and it was now four and I still hadn’t made any progress.

I had to get something that would work by now these little monsters were all over the house and rapidly increasing. I had to retreat and find new weapons that would work. I retreated as fast as I could to my storage shed out in my back yard. I grabbed a large shop vacuum and a new Dyson vacuum that was still in the box, a can of insect repellant, a can of weed killer and a large can of Raid bug spray.

When I returned to the front I noticed that Charley had freed himself and had shaken off most of those nasty white creatures. He was cowering in a kitchen corner where only a few hundred of those little monsters had gathered. I also noticed that many of the little warriors lie dead or were dying where I had sprayed around Bear. However they were multiplying so fast that now there was twice as many as before.

I grabbed Charley took him into the bathroom shower, vacuumed most of the remaining bugs off him and closed the shower so no bugs could get in. I left him there and returned to the front. With a can of weed killer in one hand and Raid in the other I started spraying those crawly white invaders as fast as I could, all the time trying to keep the spray away from Bears face and especially his nose. I don’t know whether it was the weed killer or the Raid that was working but the little white monster were dropping dead by the thousands and I actually mean thousands.

Given time for a second breath I started vacuuming up the dead bodies as well as the live. Almost six o’clock and now I could see victory. I was winning; oh my God I was winning this war. My shop vacuum holds twenty pounds and each time I’d fill it I’d empty it in the irrigation ditch that runs across my back yard. I lost track of the number of times I emptied it but I know I must have dumped at least a hundred pounds of dead bugs in the ditch. You can bet your life I’m not going to have a memorial service for those little bastards.

By seven o’clock I had won the war but the damage done was overwhelming poor Bear was covered with wounds, more like holes in his body up to an inch deep and two inches wide. He has sores on his face ears and neck but the worse ones are down the middle of his back where the hair crops. He also has bad sores on his anus and penis making it real painful when he has to use the bathroom. Charley for some reason was left with only one irritating wound right on the tip of his penis.

It has been several days since this tragic event and neither dog will eat solid food. It took a lot of patience to get them to drink broths. It is possible that they have toxic poisoning from the insect sprays; I had to use to kill the bugs.

I talked to the vet and he says the toxic poison will wear off it just takes time. The sores where the bugs had eaten the flesh needed to be watched for infection and treated with a good antiseptic to avoid further problems. I asked him what kind of flesh eating bug did this horrible thing and he said he thought they were lice. I said they looked more like maggots but he said that maggots don’t usually eat live flesh. I still think they were maggots, maybe a new breed of warrior maggots.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Once in a while a good story falls out of the blue right into your lap. I was meditating at my keyboard wondering what I could come up with next on Treasured Stories. My computer signals me when I get new email with a pop up flag and a ding dong. I got a pop up and a ding dong from Wendy Brady with one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. It was about a darling little dog that was born with two hind legs and a badly deformed front leg. To say this little gal was incredible would be selling her short, there is no word to describe her but the closest I can come up with is extremely-extraordinaire

After reading Wendy’s article I knew I had to know more so I started a research search on the internet. I researched dozens of three legged animals and most of them had really fantastic stories to tell but this little dog, who was given the name Faith, was the brightest star of them all.

Faith was born in the year 2002, her mother was a Chinese Chow named Princess. Princes wasn’t a caring mother and neglected her handicapped daughter and Faith was barely able to fend for herself. Fighting for her survival with her sibling brothers and sisters was a losing battle and Faith was near death when Jesus stepped in to save her. If her present owners son hadn’t found her in a flea market she would have died.

Jude Stringfellow, the present owner, named the little fellow Faith because she had faith that with Gods help she could make her well and teach her to walk. Not long after Faith was adopted by the Stringfellow family she was operated on and her deformed leg was removed.

With the loving care of her new owners faith started to learn in leaps and bounds. Her courage gave her strength and a strong will to survive, so it wasn’t long before she was walking on her two legs and fending for herself with the other four legged critters in her new environment.

Faiths courage and determination led her to many amazing accomplishments. She became a therapy dog for the United States Army and was awarded an Honorary Commission. She was also honored by the Humane Society Walk of Fame.

A poor little deformed dog overcame all the roadblocks she had to face and became a national hero.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A love Story of a Different Kind

  • A love Story of a Different Kind

    By Big Daddy Cash

    I said that I wouldn't be able to write another love story, but that isn't quite true. There's love in my heart whatever I do! I do have another story but it's not of the romantic nature, it's about true love of a different kind.

    A few years ago two little guys came to live with me and a love and a bond was born that will last through eternity. If you know anything about my family you know that I'm referring to Lady and Charley. I lost my first Lady about a year before these two sweethearts were destined to join me.

    When I lost Lady One, I swore I would never let another four legged friend steal my heart again. What can I say...?
    It happened! And here's how it happened..............

    I have a brother who had two dogs that he couldn't take care of because of his crazy life style. He told me that he was going to take them to the humane society and have them put to sleep. He knew that I had, had a Lab. (Labrador Retriever) that was a constant companion of mine for 14 years. He also knew that I had a great affection for all animals. When he approached me with the proposition that I take the Lab, I gave him a positive no. No., No., No!

    This was on a weekend and he planned to take them to the pound on the following Monday.

    Needless to say, that weekend I didn't get much sleep, thinking about those two poor animals that were going to be killed. How could I not give them a home, not just the Lab. but both of them? Their survival was left entirely up to me. By the way, this is very similar to the way that my first Lady, Lady One became a part of my life.

    Well, the first thing Monday morning, I called my brother and told him to bring both dogs over. I told him I'd keep them until I could find them a home.

    The dogs weren't house broken as a matter of fact they weren't very well trained at all. I was told it was because the dogs were dumb and unable to learn. Nothing was ever further from the truth. It was an assumption that some people make when they are incapable of showing true love to animals.

    Since they were young adults they were pretty set in their habits and ways. It was obvious that they had not been given much love and affection because they feared me and were suspicious of all my efforts.

    It was empathy and compassion that drew me to them at first. The more I worked with them the more I started to care for them.

    When they first came to me Charley was a mongrel about four years old and Lady was a pure bred right around three.

    Both dogs were plumb full of love but they didn't show it because they didn't know what love was.

    It took me about a year to earn their trust and respect before they could really show their love. When they had confidence in themselves and me they started learning in leaps and bounds.

    Now, there is an unconditional love that has bound us together for ever and ever. Charley and Lady have both become a part of me as well as I them. My home is their home and their home is mine.

    Little Charley is really quite an exceptional guy. He shows his love in a good many ways, to Lady, to Me and to the neighborhood kids. For example; he'll wait for Lady to eat her food and if Lady's still hungry he'll step a side and let her have his. He'll lay and lick Lady for hours until her whole body is clean. He loves all children and lets them do anything they want when they're playing with him. When it comes to me, he follows me where ever I go. When I'm working in my office he's always right there at my feet, wagging his tail, wiggling his ears and making funny little noises that sound like a purring kitten.

    Lady is also real neat, she is always a lady and she struts like a queen. She loves to be mauled and she'll maul you right back. As big as she is she's as gentle as can be and she also likes to lay or sit right next to me. She's somewhat spoiled and likes attention all of the time and you better believe that she gets it, and that's just fine.

Lady and Fluffy

Be patient my friends, I'm busy writing a story, it will be done soon.. WOLF, WOLF!!

BDC is at the Pearly Gates talking to Saint Bernard. He's going to take me back down to earth as soon as the proper arrangements are made. In the meantime I'm writing a story about a lady Singaporean and her four legged family. Cash says I write like an Angel, he's got that right! See ya all soon. Lady the Angel from Animal Heaven.


I hope you enjoy my story, it’s written from a dog’s point of view. We dogs see things different then you two legged critters do. When I visited earth a few months ago I had to go back in the body of a little white mouse because my body had decomposed and turned to ashes. When I returned to heaven I was chased by a Manx cat with a tattoo of Australia right on her butt, I won’t forget the day she almost ate me. Anyway St Bernard has returned me to the body of a black lab so now I can be myself; I’m not a damn mouse anymore.
The name of the cat that chased me is Fluffy she was born in a place called Singapore. She lived there until she moved to heaven two years ago. As a rule in animal heaven all animals, no matter what kind, or breed, get along, even mice. I guess I don’t hate mice; I just don’t want to be one.
Fluffy and I became friends right from the get go, first she wanted to eat me and then she wanted to greet me, now we share stories. She tells me all kinds of things, for instance she says she would rather chase a lizard then a mouse any old time, she calls them geckos. I ain’t never heard of that before.
One day she cuddled up along side of me and purred out, “Lady you are so sweet you remind me of my buddy Mink, he was a dog much like you. I remember when we were kids we would play hide and seek, gee whiz I miss him.” I patted her on the butt and told her I’d be her friend through all eternity. She smiled and purred; “Oh Lady, I like that.”
Fluffy likes to reminisce, she misses her mummy and three life time companions, Mink, Yoda and Mexi with a passion. She had all kinds of memories about her earthly experiences. She was happiest when she was talking about her friends on earth. She and I feel so much the same; sometimes we would share stories all night long.
We are going to look for Mink and Mexi tomorrow, we were told they reside someplace up here in heaven. Fluffy is overjoyed and is having an emotion explosion about a reunion. Gee whiz cat’s sure to get excited. Us dogs just take things as they come, I always look for the worst and hope for the best, something like that.
I'm anxious to meet Mink and Mexi, they sound like my kind of critters from what Fluffy has told me we can all romp and play together. Anyway they shouldn’t be too hard to find there are only ten trillion dogs up here.
“Come on Fluffy, let’s eat a good breakfast and get started.”
“I’m ready Lady; I’ve been ready for hours.”
“Okay Fluffy, we’ll go just as soon as I have a big juicy T-bone.”

We searched for Fluff’s lost family for over a week. Finally we heard from a stranger that they lived on the far side of heaven in a place called Eden. Saint Bernard told me all about Eden he said there were cascading waterfalls, beautiful tall oak trees and glorious gardens. So Fluffy and I decided that was the place for us. Although all of animal heaven is beautiful some places are more so than others.
Fluffy sure is a curious cat, she asks more questions then there are ants in an ant hill or bees in a hive. I don’t always have the answers but I do my best to make her think I do, after all Labradors are known for their smartness.
Tomorrow we’ll make the trek to Eden, Max; our friend the donkey has offered to pull us there in his cart. Tonight there’s a going away party, especially for us and all the different kinds of animals will be there. I’m glad cause I can tell my stories and everyone can laugh at my jokes.
Well, we got a party to go to, farewells to make and we need time for rest so I'm going to continue this another time at another place. When I return I'll tell you what I know about Yoda. ___________

Meanwhile Big Daddy is still trying to persuade Saint Bernard to let me go back to earth for a two week vacation. However Saint Bernard see’s my affection for Miss Fluffy and would like me to stay until she feels more at ease. Actually she has been here longer then I have but because of her bond with mummy, she’s finding it very difficult to adjust. Maybe, just maybe Big Daddy can convince St. Bernard that I need time off from being an angel. It sure would be nice to spend some quality time with my best friend and one time master.
From what Fluffy has told me about Yoda, he was adopted by mummy about nine years ago. He was abandoned with his siblings and left in an old trolley to die. Mummy took him in and gave him love and affection and used what she learned training Mexi to teach him. By the way did I tell you that mummy is a school teacher, not just for critters but for humans as well. She had Yoda obeying commands when he was only five months old. What I really found interesting is how he would sit patiently in front of his food and not touch it until mummy blessed it. When she said Amen that meant it was alright to eat. Of course being a dog myself, I know how smart we canines are. However, sometimes playing dumb is advantageous.

Well, miricals do happen, Fluffy is back with with her family of canine friends and she's now happy and contented. At the moment she is playing marbles with Mexi and Mink, they are all laughing and having a ball. Earlier I played frisbee with Mink and Mexi cheered us on. Saint Bernard has finally given his consent for me to return to earth for a two weeks vacation with Big Daddy Cash. So in the long run everything turned out peaches and cream.

Lady Tells Her Story

Now I’m going to show you just how smart my Lady Lab is, believe it or not she wrote you a story. Go ahead Lady, tell them your story.

My name is Lady and I'm a big black Lab., not really that big I was the runt of the liter. I guess for a Lab I'm small, but I think I'm pretty big. Cash brought me in from outside so that I could tell my story, he always tries to show off my smarts, that's one of the reasons that I love him so much.

Well, for a dog and I never was treated like one, I have a very good memory. I can take you all the way back to when I first became a part of Cashes life.

My brothers and sisters were from the highest pedigree line of pure bred animals that were raised to be show dogs. Unfortunately for me, I was the runt so I didn't belong. My breeders were going to have me put away and I remember that day well, I wanted to live.

They had already called the veterinarian and he was going to euthanize me, whatever that was, it sure didn't sound good. Anyway my breeders were on their way out the door, with me in a cage, when they ran into a neighbor who told them about a guy down the street who had just lost his companion a dog named Brock.

They decided to see if he would take me. You don't know how happy this made me. My heart was thumping and my tail was wagging as they knocked on Cashes front door.

My world came to an end when Cash told them that he didn't want me, that the loss of Brock was to hard to take and he didn’t want to get that close to another living thing. They said;

"That’s OK we have an appointment to have her put away." Cashes reply was…

"You can't do that I'll find her a home."

Oh thank God, I had found my home. I would make Cash love me so much that he'd never give me away and that's when I became Cashes very best friend and constant companion.

My first real home was on Roosevelt Ave in a small suburb called Sugar House. Boy was I a lucky dog. Cash and I took to each other right off the get go, and that's the truth.

My new home was really nice and cozy. Cash gave me run of the whole house and it was lots of fun exploring the closets and under the beds, sometimes I'd find the neatest things to chew on or take outside and bury.

I remember once finding a real nice boot under the bed and I assumed that Cash had left it there for me to play with while he was away so I chewed on it the biggest part of the day.

Wow, they say that only dogs get mad and people get angry. Not true! Cash really totaled out. Gosh, I never heard so many new words and he ranted and raved for days.

He said all his life he'd wanted Tony Lamas so he finally bought a pair and now he only had the left one to wear. He was so angry that I thought he would never get glad. I knew I had done wrong and I really was sad, but Cash finally got over it and then I was glad.

Cash said many times that no dog would ever measure up to his Brock, so my greatest desire was to prove him wrong. I wanted to be the best I could be, so my master Cash would really love me.

I remember one time when I pooped under the living room table and Cash scolded me and put me outside for the longest time.

Then there was another time when I pooped in a shoe, ha...ha...ha...This I have to tell you about, it's really a funny. There was this salesman Cash new that was really obnoxious, when he visited us he would take off his shoes and put them along side the couch and they would stink up the whole house. Well I had to go really bad and there were these shoes that smelled just like shit so I plopped a good one right into one of them.

Wait a minute I'm not through yet! I'm just getting to the best part. The guy got ready to leave and put on his shoes and you should have seen the expression on his face as the poop oozed out around the top of his shoe.

Cash laughed so hard that he rolled on the floor and that guy never came back to our house any more.

When I was little I was always doing things that would upset Cash, not on purpose I want you to know, and I think it was just the puppy in me. Another thing I want you to know is that when I did bad things Cash never hit me but boy could he give a French Blessing and sometimes they'd last for days.

It took me about a year before I grew out of my mischievous ways and we both managed to survive.

I grew to love my master, Cash, more and more with each passing day. I wanted him to be proud of me and love me in the same way. I tried real hard to learn to do all the things that would please him.

Jack, our mailman trained me to take in the mail, he worked with me for weeks until I had it just right. Jack would hand me the mail and I would deliver it right to Cashes favorite chair. Soon I started doing the same thing with the newspaper. My reward was a pat on the head and the simple phrase, "Good Girl."

Sometimes Cash would talk to me like I was human and could understand all that he was saying. I learned to nod or shake my head when he was talking to me, an even though I couldn't understand every word, he thought I could. Usually by his actions or his expressions I knew what he wanted…

You know, it was pretty obvious that Cash liked us four legged creatures better than he did you two legged ones because he always treated us so much better.

I never saw him hit an animal but I seen him beat up many a human. Cash had a real bad temper but he never lost it on me or any of my kind.

Hi there stranger, my name is Rex. I have been abandoned and I'm looking for someone to love me. There are dogs just like me in animal shelters all over America. We don't want to be put to sleep, we want to live, we need a home. Please visit the animal shelter near you and adopt a four legged companion. You'll never be sorry you did...

One Night on the Job With Lady

Well, by golly! Here I am again with another short story part fiction part truth. I liked the way Lady Cash handled the story about Lady and Cash so I gave St. Bernard Peter at the gates of Doggy Heaven (The Pearly Dog Gates) another visit to see if I could take Lady for a few days. Bernard said he didn't think it was possible because Ladies earthly body had already turned to dust. I said, "Come on St. Pete, Can't she come in another form?" He replied, "I don't have anything here but I'll check one of my other domains and let you know in a day or two."
I'd have to wait but I knew he'd come through because he was a good old soul. So, while waiting, I decided to write the introduction to our short story. For several years I worked as the graveyard engineer for the Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City. Many crazy and exciting things happened during these years. So I thought it be fun to tell you about a night in the life of a graveyard engineer. Well since my memory is not as good as it use to be, and since I told Lady everything that happened to me, who would be better to tell the story then she. Of course I'm using this as an excuse to spend some time with her but it's a pretty good one. What do you think?
Two days have gone bye and St. Bernard decided to visit me right in the middle of a real good dream. (Dreaming about a voluptuous red head, the two of us alone on a deserted island.) He told me that arrangements were made for Lady to come back but she'd have to come back as a mouse. I said, "That's OK but what does Lady think about that."
"She won't like being a mouse but that's the best I could do. Come up to the Pearlies tomorrow at noon and I'll have her calmed down and ready to go." I thanked him and went back to the sweetheart in my dream.
The next day when I arrived at the Pearly Dog Gates I overheard Lady complaining to St. Bernard. She said; "Dang it Bernie! I want to go visit my Big Daddy Cash, but I hate mice can't you do better then that?"... "That's it! If you want to go it's a mouse you will be." when I went through the gate I said to her, "Ha. Ha. You’re still my Lady even if you look like a mouse. By the way you make a real cute mouse, a white one at that."
We had a real nice visit the rest of the day and stayed up most of the night talking about the story that we were about to write. It was really strange having my lady back as a little fluffy white mouse. She was still my Lady though, no matter what form she took. Finally she cuddled up by my cheek and we both went to sleep.
The next morning I couldn't find Lady any where. Where could she be she knows this story's important to me. I searched and searched all over the place then I saw my stray cats pacing back and forth outside of my work shed. Oh my God I thought they got my Lady. When I approached the shed I heard her scream, "Cash, get these damn cats away from me."... "I'm sorry Lady! I forgot that you were in the body of a mouse."
"Ya got that right dam it; I'm the one who's supposed to do the chasing. Come on Big Daddy get me out of this mess." I shooed the cats off and picked her up, put her in my shirt pocket and returned to the house. (Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.) "Come on my Lady, let’s get busy, I only have 7 days to write this story. I hope you didn't let those little cats ruin your day."
We started by making a list of the 10 most exciting things that took place on my graveyard shift at the Hilton. This was really tough because just about every night something new and exciting happened. My intent was to use the best of the list in one night of work at the hotel. I asked Lady if she thought it could be done and she said yah it should be fun. The next several hours we reminisced on the hundreds of stories that I shared with her through those years. Finally we had a pretty good idea of what to write about but day one had gone bye and we hadn't yet started.
"How's my cute little mouse?" "Oh shut up Big Daddy." Ha…Ha…Ha…Ha…Hee…Haw. This was crazy but fun.
"Cashman do you think that you could arrange to work a graveyard shift one more time at the Hilton."... "I don't know why not. I'll call John Bailey the Director of Engineering and see if he can set it up for me. It should be real easy because everybody hates working graveyard."... "You'll have to hide me in your pocket. Do you think that will work?"... "Sure it will work and you can run free in the shop because no one goes in there at night." ..."Great! Let's do it."
I called John the next morning and he said he was happy to hear from me. He just happens to have a man off sick so he could use me on Saturday night. Tomorrow is Saturday so I told Lady to get plenty of rest during the day so she'd be able to stay awake all night. I told Lady that while I worked she could write and maybe we could finish our story in just one night.
Where are you hiding Lady? Its time for us to go. The graveyard shift starts at 11 and I'd like to get there early so that I can visit my friends in the break room and find out what's gone on during the day. Usually I can find out in a few minutes more then what most of the people that have been there all day know. The best information comes straight from the horses' mouth and the best place to get it is where the horse has his oats. A few minutes in the break room and I know everything I need to know about the who's, where's, when's and why's that cover the events of the day. Although it prepares me for most surprises there's always something unusual arises. That's why I love the job so much, because no matter how well you're prepared something new and different will happen. I really love it when I can solve a new unexpected dilemma.
Well, I tucked Lady comfortably in the pocket of my jacket and we were on our way to what was really going to be the most exciting night I ever spent on the job. We arrived at the hotel a little before 10:30 and were amazed to find the place completely surrounded with fire engines and police cars. On the roof was a man with a child in his arms threatening to jump no body could get to him because somehow he had blocked all the doors that led to the roof. In order to help this man we had to get on the roof and the engineer that I was relieving was new and had no idea what to do. We had to find a way through or around the doors to the roof and time was our enemy. It just so happens that I had worked on the air control and I new of a vent leading right to the roof that a man could crawl through so without hesitation I decided to make the crawl I didn't have time to get anyone's permission because there was no time for red tape. When I reached the roof I could hear the man screaming something to the people below. Thank God I was able to get on the roof and stay out of his view. I was just a few feet from him but I didn't dare show myself or make myself known. For sure it would have startled him and who knows what. I had to make a plan to somehow get to the man and the child and get them to safety before they became aware that I was there. This is when a miracle took place, the child broke from the man and jumped back on the roof and when the man tried to retrieve the child I was on him like a hawk on his prey. This all took place just twenty minutes into my shift. I'd forgotten about Lady who was still in my pocket. I reached in and got her and with a sigh of relief I said thank God my dear Lady your safe. Come on girl lets go down to the shop so you can run around a little bit.
The phone was ringing when we got to the shop, it was the PBX operator, she said she'd been trying to get me for the last twenty minutes and that she had several calls that all needed immediate attention. I told her that I was sorry but due to an emergency I hadn't been able to pick up a radio yet. She said that the guest in 526 had lost the key to her suit case and needed it opened ASAP, and the guest in 1819 was really angry because his TV quit working right in the middle of his favorite movie, and the guest in 729 had a 1099 (a 1099 is a plugged up toilet), and the kitchen clean up crew was having a fit because there was a broken pipe spraying water all over the place. I hung up the phone and with a grin on my face and a little bit of a chuckle said; "Well Lady it looks like I'm back where I belong." I had retired a few months ago and up until now I hadn't realized how much I missed the place. I said; "Lady make yourself at home here in the shop while I go and take care of these problems. When I get back we'll talk about this book we're going to write."
It took me a little over an hour to make the guests happy and repair the broken water line. I was on my way back down to the shop when I heard this.Clang-Clang-Clang…Clang-Clang-Clang. Dam it, it's a fire alarm and I just got rid of the fire department, twice in one night this can't be happening. The alarm monitor is in the PBX room so the operators relay the message to the engineer as to the approximate location of the problem. "Engineering, engineering the problems in the third floor mech. Room." This message repeated several times as I was making my way to the third floor. From the stairway on the third floor I noticed smoke coming out around the laundry door. I grabbed the extinguisher from the hallway wall and rushed into the laundry not knowing what to expect a laundry cart was totally in flame so I extinguished it as fast as I could then called PBX to have the operator call the fire department and try to stop the trucks from coming. Too late! They were already here. The fire was started by greasy and oily rags left in a laundry cart, that self-combusted.
I was in the elevator on my way back down to the shop when I got another call from the operator. "Cash the Lady in room 420 lost her diamond ring down the bathtub drain. Can you help her?"...."I don't think so but I'll go there anyway and see if there is something I can do. "When I got to the forth floor I didn't have to go to the room to find the guest she was out in the hallway crying and carrying on in a hysterical way. I tried to calm her down the best that I could. I put my arm gently around her and said, "Come on Maim let's go to your room and see if there is anything I can do." I was very gentle with her and finally convinced her that I would do all that I possibly could to recover her ring. I took all the hardware off the top of the drain and shined my light down the drain to see what ever I could see. Much to my surprise there was the ring about two feet down on the side of the drain pipe. I don't know what was holding it there some kind of miracle, I suppose. Now the real miracle was to retrieve the ring without making it fall. I wasn't to sure that it could be done, but I'd at least have to try. I straightened out a wire clothes hanger and made a small hook at the end. I had to get it down pass the ring without touching it, almost an impossible task. I touched the ring and it began to fall I shoved the wire down and jerked it back at lightning speed I new for sure that I had failed. You won't believe it; I don't, and when I pulled the wire out there was the ring on the hook as plain as can be. St. Bernard Peter must have been watching over me. "Engineering this is PBX, Engineering this is PBX."... "This is engineering what you need."... "The guest in 1809 needs to see you right away."... "TEN FOUR"
1807 to 1811 is our Presidential suite so I knew right away that I had a VIP, not that it mattered to me, I treat all guests alike. VIP's can be a little more demanding then other guests. I knocked and a beautiful lady opened the door holding a towel over her mouth. "What’s wrong maim? Can I help you with anything?" She seen my name tag and addressed me as Cash… She said, "Oh Cash, If only you can." she removed the towel from her face "I bit into an apple and my tooth broke in half. What in the world am I going to do?"... "Is it your real tooth or a partial?"... "Neither, it's a crown."... "Is it porcelain or acrylic?"... "I think its acrylic."... "Well, I think you just may have got the right engineer for the job. I was a dental lab. man in the service and I know a little bit about fixing inlays and crowns."... "Oh thank God."... "Let me go down to our shop and I'll see if we have any epoxy glue that will work on acrylic. Don't go away I'll be right back."
Lady are you still here? There she was sound asleep in the bosses' chair. The cutest little white mouse that I've ever seen. I was so excited the lady in 1809 is a famous star but she wants her anonymity so I can't reveal her name. All I can say is that she's the most beautiful star in the movies today. I found what I needed and returned and fixed her tooth. "Engineering." My God, Am I ever going to get a break? "This is engineering."... "There's a 1099 in room 727."
So far this had been a very eventful night and the calls kept coming one right after another all through the night. Lord knows I'd had enough excitement for one night but my last call came at a quarter to seven and believe you me this one was a doozie. The room was 511, the guests, two oriental women, the problem, a flooded bathroom. I had just sat down for the first time all night to have a cup of coffee. Water problems are something that you want to take care of immediately because of the massive damage they can cause in a short time. So I forgot the coffee and rushed to room 511. The lady that came to the door was half clad and couldn't speak a word of English. Normally when I seen the ladies lack of attire I would have called house keeping to back me up but I knew that their shift ended at six and the day shift started at seven. What the hell the place was flooding and something had to be done so it was all up to me. I rushed into the bathroom and low and behold there was the other lady stark ass naked standing in the tub. I know that the oriental culture is much different then ours so I drew the shower curtains closed to hide the naked lady. Even though I was embarrassed as hell I proceeded to stop the flooding water. There was about two inches of water on the floor and I knew if I didn't get it up it would damage the room on the floor below. I grabbed a towel and started mopping the floor, trying all the time not to look at the tub. All of a sudden I felt something brush against my leg and turned Oh my God there she was down on all fours as naked as a jaybird helping me mop up the floor.
What a night! I don't think that Lady and I can top this story so I guess I'll have to find something else to write about
Lady was given seven days leave of absence from her job as a Doggy Angel in Doggy Heaven. So I decided to take the few days we had left to enjoy each others company. I told Lady that the time we had left was hers and that we'd do anything that she wanted to do. "What do you want to do first my Lady/"... "I’d like to go to the park and chase all the ducks back into the pond, BUT LOOK AT ME; I couldn't chase a flea up a tree. Gee, as a mouse I can't do anything that I really want too do."... For the next few days we had each other and that was the best of times.

Crazy Joe Dingus and a Policeman named Charley McBride

Joe DingusWhen I tell my grandkids about Dingus they really show there emotions of course Arianna can't say anything but Gan Da Di but she acts like she understands every word. Ty, well Ty wants a dog just like Dingus. He told me that a dog who could write his own story should be president


Crazy Joe Dingus and a Policeman named Charley McBride

Joe Dingus is a black Lab. that had a very rough and tough time the first few years of his life. Joe was the runt in a family of very fancy show dogs. He was to small and had the wrong bone and head structure to be a show dog.

The breeders didn’t want to have him put away so they turned him loose in the wilderness to fend for himself. He was about 12 weeks old and the odds were against him but at least he had a fighting chance to survive.

The first part of my story is how little Joe Dingus would tell it, if he could speak to you as I do.

Joe Dingus Tells His Story;

It was cold dark and stormy and I knew I was a long way from home. The sky was growling and dumping water all over me. I was so frightened that I was shaking and crying for my mommy. I couldn't understand why my masters had gone away and left me in this scary place. Had I done something wrong? Was I being punished? I just didn't know.

I wandered for hours looking for something familiar, some way to find my way home. Finally out of exhaustion and fear I fell asleep under a great big tree. When I woke up the sun was shining friendly and brightly from a clear blue sky. It was such a beautiful morning that I forgot for a moment how hungry and lonely I was.

For a little while I romped and played in the warm rays of the sun but soon I realized that I was all alone and a long way from home. I longed and craved for my mommy and wanted to cuddle up to her and suckle on her nipples and fill my empty tummy.

I searched for miles and miles for my mommy and daddy and something to eat. Finally I laid down in the shade and cried myself to sleep.

When I awoke it was dark and creepy and I could hear all kinds of scary strange things. I could hear water running and it reminded me how thirsty and hungry I was.

I followed the sound and soon I found a stream of cold running water. It tasted so good that I drank until my tummy hurt.

All of a sudden I heard what sounded like people laughing and shouting close by so I ran as fast as I could to see if my masters had come back for me.

Down the stream I saw a bunch of men around a fire, they were all carrying big sticks and acting real funny.

As I run up to greet them a big boom came from one of their sticks and something hit me along side my head, it hurt bad so I turned and ran .

They chased me for awhile but it was dark and I finally lost them. My head was throbbing and covered with blood but most of all I was as scared as can be. I didn’t know why these people were mean to me when all I wanted to do was be friendly.

I was hurt, I was tired and I was awfully hungry but I had lots of water to drink and that helped make up for the lack of food. My head finally quit bleeding so I took a dip in the stream to wash away the dried blood and the cold water helped to take the pain away.

Part of my ear was missing but nothing else seemed to be the matter with me. One good thing came out of this, I learned my first lesson and I learned it well.

The next day I crept back down stream where I’d seen the men, they were gone but they left lots of food in a great big can so I ate what I could and buried the rest for another time.

Somehow I knew that I was all alone and I’d have to learn to survive all on my own.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and each day I learned something new to keep me safe and healthy. You might say someone was watching over me because all things came kind of naturally. It wasn’t such a bad life I was even starting to enjoy being free.

I learned how to hunt for my food, find safe comfortable shelter and I even made friends with other four legged creatures like me. Well, they were almost like me.

Joe Dingus spent two years living as a wild animal. During this time he had many exciting and heroic experiences, each one could make an interesting short story.

He became a master at survival and his unusual foresight and superior intellect made him a very special canine.

Many times Joe was cruelly mistreated by his so called two legged superiors, hunters and campers who somehow found pleasure in animal abuse.

No matter how badly Joe was treated he never lost the ability to show love and compassion to all living things. His temperament was always mild and congenial unless it was a fight for survival for either he or his friends.

Joe Dingus was almost three years old when his life made another incredible change. A change that brought him world wide recognition and brought fame to his name.

Two children were swimming in Montero Bay when a hungry shark spotted them and was well on his way to dinner. Joe Dingus was on a cliff way above them when he spotted the shark making his attack.

His phenomenal sense warned him of tragedy and without hesitation he jumped from the cliff and managed to pull both children to safety.

It was an unbelievable rescue and a mighty battle but somehow Joe got away with the loss of only one leg.

Hundreds of people witnessed the entire event from the shore. One person, a policeman named Charley McBride, jumped in and pulled Joe Dingus out of the water. He put a tourniquet above the missing leg and saved Joe Dinguses life.

There was an immediate bond between Charley McBride and Joe Dingus. Charley nursed Joe back to health and worked with him until he was almost as good on three legs as he’d been on four.

The love between them grew and soon they were inseparable companions

Charley was a narcotics detective for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department. Realizing what a remarkable dog Joe Dingus was he decided to make him a narcotics detector and demo dog.

Joe Dingus was a quick learner and soon he was able to detect explosives, chemicals, currency, people and drugs. He was also Charley McBride’s demo to educate the public on the danger of drugs.

Charley McBride and Crazy Joe Dingus as a team were committed to doing everything possible to stop the flow of illegal drugs and associated crimes. Their efforts alone were responsible for more then 1500 arrests of drug traffickers and dealers.

As a dynamic duo they were dedicated to bring down the leaders of crime syndicates and bring justice whatever lengths it took.

Over the next five years Crazy Joe Dingus recovered over 25 million dollars worth of illegal drugs. He was awarded recognition in the Humane Societies Canine Heros Walk of Fame.

Not only had they become experts in the detection of narcotics but the dynamic duo stopped thefts of millions in currency and gold bullion from the U.S. mint at the Federal Depository in San Francisco.

A once discarded puppy whose breeders decided wasn't worth saving had survived all the obstacles put in his path and become a National Hero.

He never gave up and he did things his way.