Thursday, July 15, 2010


Let me tell you my brief story, that is if you can spend a minute or two but bare in mind I’m not a writer that is something Big Daddy Cash can do. Cash didn’t know what he was in for when he adopted me you see I’m a four legged holy terror but I can’t help it cause I’m just a wee little puppy doing what wee little puppies do. Hmm, let me see, oh yes it all had its beginning on Cashes birthday; he saw me on a TV show about animals needing a home and said I want that cute little puppy and I want her today. He called the humane society and adopted me right on the spot. I’m one of the lucky ones because I had one day before I was to be euthanized. Anyway right from the start I had six four legged brothers and sisters, five canines and one feline. I didn’t know it at the time but a feline is a cat. All together we are one big happy family even the cat. Big daddy Cash is the master of our domain it is a true to life menagerie. Finding a home with this animal loving son of a gun was my lucky day. Well I said I’d be brief and I meant it maybe Big Daddy will write a little something about me just for the fun of it. Da, da, da, That’s all Folks!! Sheeba

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  1. Dear Sheeba, You couldn't have found a better home and I am sure that you know that by now. I know what puppies do and boy do they do it big. There is nothing that a puppy won't chew or tear apart. You see, I too have a five month old Standard Poodle and he has chewed one shoe of mine so of course they both had to be thrown away. The worst thing that he chewed on was my new coffee table but I sanded it down and bought some dark stain to cover the small chew marks that he made. I left the room for about two minutes and when I came back he was laying on his side and was chewing on the very bottom of the table. I was mad and put him outside with a scolding but went out later and loved on him so his feelings wouldn't be hurt. Puppies are a hand full so I know what you are about but once you grow up you will become a wonderful loving dog with Big Daddy Cash training you. It sounds like you have a houseful. I thought that I had a houseful with three large black Standard Poodles but Big Daddy Cash has me beat. Wait until my two girls become heavy with babies and I will have more than I can probably handle. I will manage though and love everyone of them. I will say good-bye now and welcome to a wonderful home my dear Sheeba. Be good for Daddy, okay?